Star Wars Celebration Europe II 2013

SWCE2 Ink-Fusion Crew Ink-Fusion Crew and Carrie Fisher Ink-Fusion Crew Mark Hamill and Ian McDiarmid Tattoo booths Tattoo booths Imperial scout trooper and Mandalorian AT-AT Disneylorian Chew-bacco Imperial snowtrooper Karyn, Amy and Ryan Cad Bane on a swap bike Mrs. and Mr. Fett Dad stormtrooper Sith Shooted stormtrooper Subway trooper Count Dooku with death stick R2-D2 Rebel pilots Rebels TIE pilots from wrong universe Cantinians Vader Marc Draven and Daniel Logan (Boba Fett) Daniel is prepare to tattooing Josh Bodwell Tattooed by Boba Fett