Star Wars Celebration Europe II 2013

The Ink Fusion Empire has been honored to travel the world and bring our original program to Countries such as Germany, and galaxies such as Star Wars Celebration.

SWCE2 Ink-Fusion Crew Ink-Fusion Crew and Carrie Fisher Ink-Fusion Crew Mark Hamill and Ian McDiarmid Tattoo booths Tattoo booths Imperial scout trooper and Mandalorian AT-AT Disneylorian Chew-bacco Imperial snowtrooper Karyn, Amy and Ryan Cad Bane on a swap bike Mrs. and Mr. Fett Dad stormtrooper Sith Shooted stormtrooper Subway trooper Count Dooku with death stick R2-D2 Rebel pilots Rebels TIE pilots from wrong universe Cantinians Vader Marc Draven and Daniel Logan (Boba Fett) Daniel is prepare to tattooing Josh Bodwell