Worldwide Conventions of Ink-Fusion Empire

Upcoming events

Fanboy Expo Knoxville

Fanboy Expo Knoxville

From 29-Oct-2021 to 31-Oct-2021 in Knoxville, Tennessee
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Rhode Island Comic Con

Rhode Island Comic Con

From 05-Nov-2021 to 07-Nov-2021 in Providence, Rhode Island
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From 10-Dec-2021 to 12-Dec-2021 in Chicago, Illinois
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Ink Fusion Empire pin up girl

Past Events

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017

Orlando, Florida

Tattoo booths Trash can droid Rex

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015

Anaheim, CA, United States

Savage Opress Blasphemist near stormtrooper Who is a bitch?

C2E2 2014

Chicago, IL, United States

C2E2 2014 C2E2 2014 C2E2 2014

Star Wars Celebration Europe II 2013

Essen, Germany

Imperial scout trooper and Mandalorian Sith Vader

New York Comic Con 2013

New York, NY, United States

NY Comic Con 2013 NY Comic Con 2013 NY Comic Con 2013